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I'm confused
Friday, December 17, 2010 @ 7:44 PM

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As you can see, I'm confused, I'm very confused.
It seems like what everyone is untrustworthy. Have you ever felt this way before?? Well, I have never felt this way before. I feel betrayed, being laughed at and being lied to. Somehow, I'm sad, but I just can't explain why :'(
Can anyone help me? PLEASE????? ONEGAISHIMASU!!!!!!! D; I can even cry about it while not knowing what is it about! It hurts, it really does. :( I feel like my heart ripped out of me by NOTHING ? You must be thinking that I'm pathetic or just crazy.. *sigh* OMG!I even feel like suicide!

..... On second thought, I think I know why I'm like this. BUT, I'm not sure. Plus, it wouldn't be, couldn't and mustn't be!! It CANNOT be.. GOSH!! I'm so emotional right?? ==" I think I should put this aside first and TRY to enjoy the rest of the holiday since it is gonna end very very soon.. Wow, I never thought the holiday will end so soon o.O It is a good thing right?? Focusing on studies i mean :P I plan to get better marks than I get this year, although I know it'll be A LOT harder ;) GANBATTE KUDASAIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

..putting it aside...............................................

Now I shall do some crap as usual :D
Do you guys out there have boring unlovable theme for blog? ( no offense ) Do you need help? I CAN HELP YOU! I can guarantee you that your blog will be cute and lovable after I sprinkle my magic dust on it ! :D So if you want a blogskin, just contact me ;) I'm as free as a bird!!!! :D To request, just comment on my cbox ;D I'll wait :D Just gimme 1 month time or less, it'll be done! :D

Anyways, which one of you readers watches drama?? :) Korean drama <3>
soooooo??? how do i look? :)
ugly or do i look like a ghost?? hahaxx Do comment on my cobx about it :} I'll be waiting as usual :)

Owh no... I got to go again :| Mum gave me limited time to go online. *sigh* stress...
She wants me to study next year's 'stuffs' so I can get top in class instead of being stupid in a smart class.. hahaxx.. I have studied history, geography and maths already!! :) I guess that's a good thing! So I can see other people trying to catch up!! Muahahahaha :P

♥ IvyLicious m(^v^)m

goodbye babes!! <3>