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Can speak 5 languages. Lazy to mention them all.

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The Imperfect Perfection
Sunday, February 27, 2011 @ 1:55 AM

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--The Imperfect Perfection--

Has anyone ever thought of this as a quote? Yes? No? Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, there is no perfection in beauty, completion, studies and so on. Can you think of anything that is has a perfection? There is one. Work done by yourself, you'll know that because you see it in every perfect way you can find. Perfection to our self is just a satisfaction to our mind physically and mentally. For example, people see their loved ones perfectly in everyway because they love them :) I hope everyone out there who is searching for perfection can reach their satisfaction :) (rhymes, :D )

-Ivylicious's point of view ^^

-Ups and Downs These Days-

I have mixed feelings now, *sigh* I dont know whether to feel happy, sad or what so ever. Exam is over, well that's a relive BUT here comes the marks! GOSH! Like seriously? I wish I can just take the exams and not get the results because it'll kill me if I see the word FAIL there! Owh well, I never fail-ed before :)
Marks so far ~~

B.M : 72 (B)
B.ENG : 89 (A)
SC : 90 (A)
History: 78 (B)

I really hope I can Ace the rest of my papers! Wish me luck! >.<

- 爱情 -

It is nice, everything turned out well for both of us. I really hope we can last long. But there's this thing.. I keep asking myself the same question daily. I can't believe I can actually think of it anyway. The question is, "when are we gonna break up" Sad isn't it? :(
Owh well, whatever. I ain't breaking up so early. :P

- Recently -

I went out with my friends yesterday! It was awesome, we went to watch a horror movie and I swear, the scariest part was a cat :P It jumped out of a closet. Spookie, I suppose! The price for the movie was cheap! :) The man at the counter said early birds movie tickets is 9$ per person! Isn't that great? xD After that, we went to try out clothes, it was great. I was praised by my friends for all the cloths I wear looks beautiful! YAY!! I know, I'm pretty. :P That's what I said. LOL!! okay okay. As I was saying, about after trying out clothes.. We went to grab burgers for lunch around 2 in the afternoon. It was expensive :( I'm never going there ever again! I went home early, around 5 in the afternoon.

Anyways, I'm chosen for my blue house racing team! how great is that? HOO yeah! I'm a runner baby! (wait, I've always been one) :P
I shall train as hard as I can LATER which I don't know when that will be.. hehe..


An elderly couple went for their monthly checkup. As usual, the old man went in first. Here's the conversation.
Doctor: Your body is very healthy! Very amusing for a man in your age.
Old man: Ofcourse lad! I'm a man that lives in a clean life. EVEN GOD APPRECIATES ME!
Doctor: *puzzled* How and why is that so?
Old man: Well, you see, every night when I want to go to the toilet. God will on and off the lights for me. How freaking awesome is that?!?!?!?!

(the old man stands up when he said that and eventually fell back to his seat due to his weak legs) The doctor is concerned by what the old man has said. So he told the old man's wife.
Doctor: I'm afraid I'll have to give you bad news this week mam.
Old lady: What happened to my husband? Dead? No?
Doctor: OFCOURSE NOT! (exclaiming)
Old lady: *mumbles* so what is it?
Doctor: He is in perfect shape but he has mental issues.
(the doctor told the old lady the whole story)
Old lady: AHA!!!!
Doctor: ??
Old lady: So he is the one pee-ing in the refrigerator !
Is it funny? :) I hope it is!! :D

Well, I got to go now~ My sister has to use. Sheesh~~!
Owh well, I've used long enough, fair enough :)

-- ♥ Ivylicious

Signing off! Muakxx! Keep tuning in!!!! Lots of love s-p