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Simply call me Sing Pei. 14 years of age. Happily born the 9th day of July. Loves Korean guy named Ji-Ho. and color PINK. Addicted to C-Pop & K-Pop. Craves for pizzas, sushi!! and ice cream. Hates color red and Muffins, really ;). But loves cupcakes :D
Can speak 5 languages. Lazy to mention them all.

Please do not judge me,
Because you are always prettier/hotter (:

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My own ice cream parlor & sushi bar
become rich!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$
life happily ever after!!! LOL

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My blog is so dead
Friday, November 4, 2011 @ 9:18 PM

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OMG my blog is like so dead right now.

How and why I remember to post? -

Long story cut short-

My friend got bored and googled my name on images. And some of my pics came out. Then that friend told me. So I tried it. The pic is shown through my blog. ><" And so yeah~! Owh yeah, I quit cheer already :/ It was too expensive. And it's being a burden for me o.o" As for my academic, it's been going fine. I woke up around 5a.m to study HAHA. Final exam! Thank god it's finally over~! FREEDOM! *cheers

Anyways, Have I told you guys that I have a new boyfriend? :P He's cuter than the previous one. HEHE. I nearly cheated on him like OMG. I feel so bad ><"
Recently, he has been showing signs of cheating. =="
Whatever man. I've lost too much tears for him without him acknowledging it. SO SCREW IT

I still love him tho~ ;)
Haha. I don't even know if I understand this relationship business. It's so complicated.
*sigh teenager

Yesterday might just be the last day for me to see him. Because it's holiday :/
He won't be going to school next week because of his BASKETBALL shit. -.-"
nvm la :) Basketball is more important than me :/
Owh well, face the truth, );

I want to colour my hair RED :D
HEHE.. It IS holiday right? xD
My natural hair colour is originally gold brown.
Rare huh? for an asian :P
I think it's because I'm like an air head :P A smart one HEHE. A+ student yeah!

Here are some pictures of ME. *VAIN*
My hair looks dark tho ;)

Sing Pei,
who? Ivylicious ;)

Sing Pei's Imperfect Perfection ;)

Sing Pei ;)

I look retard in this pic >< Retard is one of the highlights about me ;)

That's for today!~!! Wait a decade and I'll update :P